CURATIF x TROMBA - Canned Palomas for IPAW!

We've teamed up with our great mates at Curatif to create Mexico's favourite cocktail - the Paloma - and just in time for International Paloma Appreciation Week (IPAW)!

Our Paloma has been created with Tromba Blanco, two different types of grapefruit (Marsh and Ruby), as well as lime juice, agave syrup, and just a hint of Pampelle Ruby Red - all tied together with a compelling spray of carbonation that makes this especially unmissable.⁠

Additionally, every Paloma purchased this month will be included in Tequila Tromba's genius initiative to "Drink a Paloma, Save an Agave". Until 26 September 2021, Tromba will donate land and plant wild agave through its Endangered Agave Program (EAP), which is dedicated to restoring the endangered populations of the agave. Your next sip could help save the agricultural heritage of Mexico - now that's worth raising a glass to!⁠

Available exclusively through The Club - Curatif's Monthly Cocktail Box⁠.

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