FIREBIRD x TROMBA - Duck, Duck, Paloma!

Celebrate the weekend with Firebird and Tequila Tromba’s Duck, Duck, Paloma — an indulgent set menu, in honour of the drink and the return of the annual International Paloma Appreciation Week (IPAW).

With limited availability exclusively through Providoor, Duck, Duck, Paloma features a cocktail kit by Tromba Tequila. Equipped with everything you will need to punch out 4 Burnt Grapefruit Palomas. The perfect match for Firebird’s cult dish - A Vietnamese take on the classic French dish 'Duck à l’Orange' completing the feast with wok-tossed egg noodles, gai lan Chinese broccoli and a caffeine-loaded tiramisu for dessert. **Please note this pack serves 2-4 people. If feeding 3-4 people we recommend purchasing extra Chinese broccoli from our a la carte section.
- Whole Roasted Duck L'orange
- Egg Noodles with Dressing
- Gai Lan Chinese Broccoli
- Firebird Excellent Sauce
- Pickled Ginger
- Grilled Orange
- Vietnamese Tiramisu
- Tromba Tequila Cocktail Kit for 4: Burnt Grapefruit Palomas

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