The Tromba Story

...between sips of tequila

Tromba Australia where it all started...

La Tromba is Spanish slang for a sudden and intense rain storm. But it’s much more than that. It means something big is happening – change is brewing and nothing will ever be the same again. 

So when three friends, Eric Brass, Nick Reid and James Sherry, met in Guadalajara back in 2005, it was between sips of tequila that they made a pact to no longer live conventional lives or work typical jobs. For them, everything would change as they vowed to make extraordinary tequila their passion to pursue. They found partners in maverick master distiller, Marco Cedano, and his son, Rodrigo. These were men skilled in the art of turning blue agave into bottled brilliance.

Despite having little money and many naysayers, the partners travelled bar to bar to build the groundswell for their tequila – one made in the rugged Jalisco highlands where the finest tequilas in the world hail from. This is where we work to define a powerful force in new world tequila – Tequila Tromba. Every bottle contains the perfect storm of youthful boldness and weathered wisdom; embodying the adventurous spirit of those who make it for those who wish to take life by storm.