Tequila Tromba Australia

Añejo Tasting Kit

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What's in the kit?

  • Tromba Añejo 750ml
  • Denver & Liely Agave Glass
  • Melbourne Cocoa 70% Dark Chocolate


Tromba Añejo

A deep gold color, Tromba Añejo is aged in white oak barrels for 20-24 months and exudes agave flavours rich in complexity. Gentle hints of oak and caramelized agave sweetness paired with rich chocolate, nuts and ripe dried fruit. Expect a sophisticated, honeyed finish.

Denver & Liely Agave Glass

Hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-polished lead-free crystal. Engineered to perfection by engineers - Denver & Liely. It is simply the best possible, highest performance agave spirits glass in the world.

Melbourne Cocoa 70% Dark Chocolate

Melbourne Cocoa 70% Dark Chocolate is a full flavoured chocolate. Conched for a minimum of 12 hours at a low temperature results in a product Dark brown in colour, with strong cocoa flavours.