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Tromba Blanco 750ml (100% Agave)

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Crystal clear with a silver lustre, Tromba Blanco is made from hand-selected agave and lovingly crafted in small batches, resulting in bright, sweet and refreshing tequila. With a clean, viscous finish, this un-aged tequila exudes lively botanical aromas and notes of pepper, mint, and lightly caramelised pineapple.

Blanco flavours...

Notes Perceived  Where
Freshly cut green herbs Nose
Hints of peppery mint and aniseed
Pineapple and banana Palate
Caramel Nose & Palate
Pineapple Syrup Nose & Palate
Freshly Baked Bread Nose
Caramelized Agave Nose & Palate
Pressed Agave Fibres Nose & Palate